Kagadi District is blessed with a number of attractive tourist sites where you can spend time and enjoy the beauty of Kagadi. Among the places, you can tour is the Faith of Unity Healing City, which is the headquarters of the Faith of Unity (Also known as Enyikiriza Ey’Obumu in Runyoro Language), a modern religion made in Africa with a mission of uniting people of different denominations to worship and understand God as their creator.

Palace of God in Africa.

Get an opportunity to tour some of the amazing developments at the Faith of Unity headquarters including but not limited to; Itambiro, Palace of God, Omukama Ruhanga Owobusobozi Bisaka Itambiro Modern Secondary School (First school started by God Himself), Omukama Ruhanga Owobusobozi Bisaka International Stadium among others.

You get the opportunity to learn more about the Faith of Unity especially it’s history, present and future. You can also get yourself a copy of THE BOOK OF GOD OF THE AGE OF ONENESS, WE ARE ONE IN THE LORD GOD OF HOSTS, DISUNITY HAS ENDED.

Other places you can tour include;

The African Rural University (ARU) for Women.

Some of the Graduates of ARU during the 3rd Graduation Ceremony

This is the first of its kind to exist in human history specializing in rural transformation. ARU has a unique approach to higher education which is far different from other universities across the globe. ARU is designed to create effective change agents within an African development context. ARU applies theoretical learning, innovative instruction and field practice, so that ARU graduates can create conditions for people to improve their lives, transform their communities, awaken inherent leadership and increase their capacity for self-generating and sustainable change.

While at ARU, you can get a chance to interact with students from URDT Girls’ School, URDT Institute and ARU. You can also have an interaction of ARU Graduates who are resident in communities working as Epicenter Managers. The graduates of ARU give you a picture of what it means to transform a rural family, village, sub-county and ultimately a nation. You will be able to interact with community members who have worked with ARU graduates.

Worried about where to spend the night? There are self-contained cottages at ARU campus designed in African Style. Yes, when you get into these cottages, you enjoy services including but not limited to; Breakfast, and lunch, dinner. Inside the cottages, there is a double bed, water, stable electricity and on top of that, you get hooked to the fastest internet in the region.

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