Testimonies from Our Computer Students

Am Mugisa Karungi Angel, I sat for Primary Leaving Examinations in 2018. I have spent 3 weeks at USIT. I have learnt how to use Microsoft Office word to create documents. I now know how to create PowerPoint presentations of all kinds.  I have also learnt how to use a digital camera to take informative pictures but most importantly, USIT has empowered me with skills in conducting online research; create blogs and sharing information with the public. All these skills will help me improve my performance throughout my academic path.

Mugisa Karungi Angel -P. L.E Holidaymaker

Bomuhangi  Kimarakwija-U.C.E Holiday Maker

My name is Bomuhangi  Kimarakwija. I sat for my Uganda Certificate of Education (UCE) Examinations in 2018. During my vacation, I joined USIT for a computer training programme. It is so fantastic and so exciting to be a student of computer at USIT. I started in November 2018 and right now, I may say, am somewhere. I have covered some topics such as; Introduction to computers, PowerPoint, Microsoft  Excel, Microsoft Word, Networking and Internet among others. I hope for the best with the help of I have gained from USIT.

My name is Muganyire Joseph.   I sat for my Uganda Certificate of Education (UCE) Examinations in 2018. I enrolled for a computer training programme at USIT in December 2018, for the little time I have, I have gained a clear understanding of what a computer is, its components, how they interact and how to fix them in case they get faulty. I have also been introduced to text processing programmes like Microsoft Office word, Excel and PowerPoint. What is most catching for me is how much I can accomplish when am on the internet. l came at USIT when l didn’t know anything in computer but now am confident am going to be a better person for my country.

Muganyire Joseph -U.C.E Holidaymaker
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