Holiday Makers Computer Training Programme is on!

The holiday makers training programme in computer applications is on at USIT! We are training pupils who have completed Primary Leaving Examinations (P.L.E) and students who have completed Uganda Certificate of Education (U.C.E) and Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education (U.A.CE). In the Uganda Vision 2040, the Government is emphasizing integrating ICT in teaching and learning to improve the learning experience of students. 

Schools in big towns in Uganda and in the capital City Kampala have already started integrating ICT in the curriculum. However, it’s a different story in upcountry districts! Unity Soft is bringing ICT training close to the people who need it most! 

The training programme kick started in November 2018 and will continue run throughout the year and the years to come. We train students in the following areas;

Introduction to Computer. This exposes students to basics in computer preparing them for other topics in ICT

We also train them in proficient use of Microsoft Office Suit 2010, 13 and 16. This course equips them with secretarial , computing, presentation and information storage skills. 

Four of our recent trainees! 2 have completed P7 exams and 2 have completed S.4 Exams

On top of the above mentioned services, we train our students in internet and email, where they gain knowledge and skills in browsing the internet, internet search strategies, opening email accounts, cloud storage and social media for development. 

You can join us in the quest to improve ICT skills for the youth in Uganda! Send us your son/daughter for training and he/she will never be the same again! Write to us on or We are also on WhatsApp: +256755347275

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