Empowering Youth With ICT Skills

Unity Soft IT (U) Limited-USIT has continued to empower youth in Kagadi with hands-on ICT skills. As the motto for USIT goes “Work Smart with ICT”, USIT has put in place an internship program for youth within Kagadi District.

This quarter, USIT has so far enrolled 5 youth of which 2 recently completed Primary Leaving Examinations and 3 completed Uganda Certificate of Education. The training started on 15th November 2019 and will run up to 30th January 2020.

The main aim of the training is the equip young people with ICT skills that can enable them to earn income to support them in their studies. The skills gained will also enable them to excel in ICT related subjects within their academic path.

Trainees get skills in the use of the latest office applications (Microsoft Office Suite, computer maintenance, Internet of Things (IoT), Cloud computing, and hands-on skills in secretarial work.

2019 USIT Training doing practicals on secretarial work

Speaking with Unity Soft Managing Director Mr. Mwinganiza Godfrey, he said ICT is one of the major areas that are contributing to the realization of the Uganda Vision 2040. He added that rural youth in Uganda don’t get an opportunity to advance their skills in ICT.

Uganda is predominantly rural and the Youth contribute 80% of the population. Something has to be done to enable the youth have access to information and widen their knowledge base.

Say Mwinganiza Godfrey

He, however, said that much as Unity Soft is putting in the effort to train the youth in ICT, USIT is limited by resources to reach out to many youths. “We have experienced and professional trainers but we are constrained by other resources like computers, projectors, and stable internet”, he added.

Currently, USIT has 3 computers that are used for conducting the training. Mwinganiza said that USIT intends to expand its ICT hub Kagadi to at least 30 computer systems which can support at least 60 trainees at a time. However, this requires funding to see it realized.

Unity Soft has also developed and hosted an e-learning platform where students get access to notes, assignments, videos and also participate in online discussions outside a physical classroom. Mwinganiza said that students have the opportunity to continue learning even when they are not physically with their trainers.

In 2018, 15 students were trained to continue with ICT in their skills and Institutions. He added that the ICT skills of the trainees who went through USIT have greatly improved.

He called upon the government and the general public to come in and partner with USIT to uplift the ICT skills for youth in Kagadi, Bunyoro, and Uganda.

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