At USIT, we develop amazing website that expand your customers base and boost your web presence and definitely your sales. All our websites are compatible with all the computing devices including smart phones, tablets, laptops and desktops. Read MoreWe help you set up a simple and complex computer network for your business. We design for you a network diagram and present it in simulation form before the actual work starts. Read more
Don’t wait for your computer to crash and then you think of servicing it. Just like doctors encourage people to go for routine medical checkup, even computer systems operate in the same way. It’s recommended that servicing is done on a quarterly basis.We have internet services at our branch in Kagadi. Come and read your email, conduct online research, read news, connect with your family and friends. Our rates are the lowest in Kagadi. Read more

Special Offer for Education Institutions

USIT has a special offer to education institutions (schools, vocational and technical institutes as well as universities) that wish to have websites and those that need to upgrade their websites to the latest technology. We carry out an assessment on how you can improve your website if you already have one running.

USIT Clientele Checklist